Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Blurbs- What inspires and drives a writer to create?

I feel that things that happen in a person's life can be a definate driving force in that individual's life for writing. I know that not everyone can articulate well in the written word, but I beleive everyone has a story in them. For those who are able to articulate well on paper, then they are truly blessed. I believe that Authors find inspriation for their creations through something that may have happened in their lives, whether it comes from a tragic incident, a happy event, a trip they may have been on. Inspirations also come from books that people read and films that they may have seen even from a dream or dreams they may have had. My inspiration for writing The Forest Portal came from books I read and movies that I had seen. I would reflect on what I had read and seen and I developed my own creations. I have also been inspired by my own sense of a need to put my thoughts on paper.
I never had the support of my family growing up. I had three brothers and two sisters, all of whom are intellectuallly challenged. It wasn't that they were mentally challenged, except for one of my older brothers, but my oldest sister, my younger sister and my other older brother had no interest in writing, art, music or anything having to do with culture or anything else that was intellectually stimulating. I did not expect my mentally challeneged brother or my youngest sister, who was six at the time, to take interest in what I had to say, but the others, well...
I had no support from them or my parents because they, (my parents), were to busy fighting when they were not working. Anyway, I wrote a lot about my feelings towards my family when I was a teen. Most of the time though, I wrote fictional stories about Sci/Fi adventures and mysteries. I loved the places where my writing took me. It was a great escape for me and that kept my encouragement up for continuing with my stories. That was most certainly the driving force behind my writing as a teen.
I kept them up until I got a job, then between school and work, I was not able to write as much.
As an adult, I didn't write for a number of years. I started to take interest in my writing again sometime before I went back to college. ( I went back when my children were older).
I was happy to start The Forest Portal. ( I actually finished the first draft before starting school).
I started the book with no problems at first. During creating the first 5 chapters, the story moved along pretty smoothly until I reached the middle of chapter six. I didn't suffer from writers block, not at this point, but I really had to reflect on what the surroundings may have looked like in an old wooden house in 1908. I wanted to be as descriptive as possible so my readers could see and feel those surroundings themselves, not to mention the importance of me seeing and feeling those surroundings.
When I did suffer from writer's block, I would walk way from my work, go do something else, like housework, take a walk, watch tv, or take a drive.
Most of the time I could go back the next day and continue with the work on my book with no problems. I was lucky not to have a lot of writer's block issues while writng The Forest Portal. I never lost my inspiration to write because I really enjoy creating stories. I am happy to say that my husband and two daughters are a great source of support for me. It's comforting for me to know that my husband and children take a great interest in culture. My oldest daughter is studying the Fashion World where as youngest daughter has a desire to write, just like her mom! My husband, he is a History buff.

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